RecipePress reloaded

Use nutritional information on your recipes

With RecipePress reloaded it’s easy to enrich your recipes with nutritional information.

1. Enable nutritional information

Activate the setting Use nutritional information on the settings page in the section “Recipe meta data”

2. Add nutritional information to your recipes

You will notice a new metabox on the recipe edit page. Type in all the nutritional information you know. Don’t worry to leave a field empty, it won’t be displayed.

3. Enjoy

The recipe will now show a box displaying all known nutritional information.
Please note that before version 0.7.10 these data were only displayed if ALL nutritional information was given.

Missing Feature: Automated calculation of nutrional information

Automated calculation of nutritional information based on the ingredients is currently not possible. I might add this feature later once term meta data is a feature of wordpress core.

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