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Add shortcode

Basically there are two options:

  • Either you add the shortcode by typing manually as described below. Probably your preferd way if you use the wordpress editor in text mode like me.
  • Or you use the RecipePress reloaded button in the visual mode of the wordpress editor. Then you don’t need to worry about syntax, ids and stuff.Embed taxonomy button in editor

[rpr-recipe] Embed recipes

Embed a whole recipe in a post or page or just the excerpt.
[rpr-recipe id={RECIPEID} ]


  • id The id of the recipe you want to embed. You can find the id if you hover the recipe link on the recipes page in the back end and have a look at the url.
  • excerpt If set to 1 only the excerpt will be embeded. Default is 0.


  • [rpr-recipe id=23 ] embeds the complete recipe with the id 23. See the shortcode in action in this demo post.
  • [rpr-recipe id=23 excerpt=1 ] embeds the excerpt of the recipe with the id 23. See the shortcode in action in this demo post.

[rpr-tax-list] Taxonomy listings

To create a page listing all the terms of a taxonomy place the [rpr-tax-list tax="{TAXONOMY}"] shortcode on that page. Just replace {TAXONOMY} with the id of the taxonomy you want to display.


  • tax ID of the taxonomy you want to list the terms of. You can find the id on the manage taxonomies page.


Taxonomy ID Shortcode
Course rpr_course [rpr-tax-list tax="rpr_course"] Demo
Cuisine rpr_cuisine [rpr-tax-list tax="rpr_cuisine"] Demo
Season rpr_season [rpr-tax-list tax="rpr_season"] Demo
Difficulty rpr_difficulty [rpr-tax-list tax="rpr_difficulty"] Demo
Ingredient rpr_ingredient [rpr-tax-list tax="rpr_ingredient"] Demo

See taxonomy management for information on how to create, edit and delete taxonomies.

[rpr-recipe-index] Recipe index

Creates an alphabetical index of all your recipes by title.


  • none


See it in action on this demo page.

Feature missing?

If you think an important feature is missing here, consider posting a feature request in the support forum.