RecipePress reloaded

Embed recipes in posts & pages

Sometimes you maybe don’t want to post just recipes but write about a cooking session or a whole menu. Why not write a blog post and include your recipes? Fortunately RecipePress reloaded offers a shortcode to embed recipes in posts and pages. Even better: there also is a button in the editor to achieve this.

Embed recipe button in editorClicking the button framed red in screen shot above opens a dialog similar to the link dialog. Just choose the recipe you want to embed from the list of the last recipes or search for it.

embed-dialogYou can decide if want to embed the whole recipe or just the excerpt of the recipe.

Of course you can also embed the shortcode manually. Use [rpr-recipe id={RECIPEID} ] to embed the whole recipe and [rpr-recipe id={RECIPEID} excerpt=1 ] to embed only the excerpt. Replace {RECIPEID} by the numerical id of your recipe.

Feature missing?

If you think an important feature is missing here, consider posting a feature request in the support forum.