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When you first click ‘add new recipe’ and have a look the recipe edit page this might look overly complex. However adding and editing recipes is as simple as writing a normal post and technically it’s the same. The only difference is that recipes have a more detailed structure. Not all of these options are really necessary, you can create simple recipes consisting just of title, ingredients and instructions. Empty fields are not being displayed in the front end, nobody will get the impression that information was missing.

Recipe edit page
red: required, green: optional
  1. Of course your recipe will need a title.
  2. You might want to add a shorter or longer description. Depending on your layout settings this will be used as a teaser text is the excerpt. Normally this is, what users see first of your recipe.
  3. No recipe without ingredients. Enter your recipes using this very structured editor. For each recipe you need to enter amount, unit, ingredient name and a comment separately. Number, unit and comment are optional, so can for example also just write ‘salt’. As ingredient names are stored as a taxonomy you should always type them in in singular. This ensures all recipes using the the same ingredient can be connected. Automated pluralization is a planned feature for release 0.8.x
    Optionally you can also link an ingredient to a URL of your linking. Depending on your ingredient settings ingredients can be automatically linked to their archive page.
    Use the TAB key to change to the next field. Once a line is completed a new ingredient line will be created automatically. If not use the button Add ingredient
    You can also group ingredients using the Add ingredient group. So you can have one group for ‘meat’ and one for ‘sauce’ for example.
  4. Adding instruction works in a similar way. You can enter them step by step using one field per step. New fields should be generated automatically using the TAB key or by clicking the Add instruction button.
    Just like ingredients instructions can also be grouped using the Add instruction group button.
  5. Use the ‘notes’ editor to give your users some hints, tell them about possible variations or combinations of your recipe.
  6. Below you find the same settings as for posts (comments, author, …) according to your settings.
  7. By experience an image is very important to make your recipe look interesting. That’s the reason why this option was move in a prominent place. However adding an image is optional.
  8. In this box you can enrich your recipe with some details like serving size, preparation time and if activated nutritional information. All this information is optional.
  9. Known from all kinds of posts and pages – the publish box.
  10. Below you find find the meta boxes of active taxonomies. Use them to organize your recipes. It’s optional but strongly recommended. Decide yourself how detailed your taxonomy structure should look like.

Feature missing?

If you think an important feature is missing here, consider posting a feature request in the support forum.