RecipePress reloaded

Basic settings

RecipePress reloaded is offering a large amount of quite detailed settings to adjust the plugin to fit your neeeds. I’ve tried to group them for minimum complexity and hide the experts settings from first view. You don’t need to worry about most of the settings in the beginning. Default settings should give you already a good ‘works out of the box’ experience.
However there is something to consider before you start.

Permalink structure

As you probably know wordpress is offerings different ways to build the URL of a post, the so called permalink. It is generally recommended not to use the default numeric ids. The URLs generated this way are not readable – or understandable – to humans and also search engine don’t really like them. It’s better to use ‘nice urls’ or ‘Pretty Permalinks’.
Whe using plugins that create new post types like RecipePress reloaded it is crucial to use ‘nice urls’. The default URL scheme does not support archive pages for other post types.So can’t have pages with all your recipes, alle recipes of a category and so on.
To change the URL scheme visit the settings section of your wordpress installation (not of RecipePress reloade) and go to ‘permalinks’. Select the schem,e that fits your needs or create a custom scheme. Save it and you are done. More information on URL schemes is provided in the wordpress documentation.