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Development roadmap

This roadmap lists some features I’m planning to introduce with the next versions of RecipePress reloaded. Please note that this roadmap is no timed schedule. I’ll support them as soon as possible. However my time is very limited. So if you are waiting impatiently for a special feature you might want to join developing.
If you like to see a feature not listed here in RecipePress reloaded put a feature request in the support forum.

Release 0.8

This release will address the ingredient list:

  • make ingredient list scalable, adjust servings to your liking
  • automatically pluralize ingredient names when applicable

Feature wish list

Features that would be nice to have, but I’m not sure yet how and when I’m going to implement them.

  • chow0050 suggested a feature to search for multiple ingredients to find the right recipe. I’ll try to do that.
  • A template tag get_the_description() to display the description only to make simple excerpts available
  • Child themes for templates, so you can create own templates within your themes folder.
  • jgumbi requested recipes to appear in the rss feed

2 thoughts on “Development roadmap

  1. Ant Reply

    Hi i was wondering if this plugin allowed my users to submit their own recipes? Looks like a really good plugin!

    • Jan Post authorReply

      Submitting recipes through the frontend is currently not possible. Adding this feature is not planned for the future.

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