Installing arch linux on my new desktop machine

After using arch linux for quite a time on my laptop it’s time to move on a new machine. So I’ll install arch again this time taking I slightly different approach than on the laptop. So here I’ll descripe all the steps I’ve taken to get arch up and running. It’s more a documentation for myself but it might also be helpful to some.

A short info on the machine first: It’s a AMD A10 7870K with 16GB RAM, 2 SSDs (30GB and 500GB) and 4 TB HDD.

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Luks automount encrypted disk on linux

Sometimes it is useful to automatically mount a luks encrypted disk. In this post I’m going to describe to do this safely.

  • My workstation, a Lenovo Thinkpad W510 has a drive bay, where you either store a hdd or a optical drive. I usually have a hdd placed there but sometimes I need the optical drive. So I don’t want to put the disk into /etc/fstab or /etc/crypttab. But I also don’t want to mount it manually evry time.
  • On my homeserver I use a SATA hotswap disk to make backups. I have two of those hdd, swap them weekly and always keep one of them at my workplace. These backup disks are encrypted of course. When changing the disk I always have ssh onto the server, find the disk, decrypt it and mount it. Would be great if I just had to plug it in.
  • Same ideas also apply to external data or backup disks

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