Privacy & Cookie Policy

I consider your privacy to be highly important. Please consider the following declaration:

1. preamble

In general I do not collect any personal or person related data on my websites. An exception are web analysis tools mentioned in paragraph 5. There is an opt-out possibility if you don’t want to be tracked.
Another exception are data willing sent to the site in order to be published (comments, trackbacks).

2. data saved by wordpress

If you send a comment or try to login the admin area of this site your IP will be recorded. This is necessary to protect the site from spam and misuse. I’m using the plugin iThemes security to block spammers and crackers. The IP adresses stored with approved comments are being deleted on a regular basis.

If any cookies are set these are just session cookies which should expire right after leaving the site. The site is completely usable with cookies and javascript deactivated.

3. data saved by server

This site is run on a server using the apache web server. The apache web server is creating log files which include th IP addresses of all visitors. On this server however the IP addresses are anonymized. Currently the following information is stored in the access log: acces from and to, date and time, user agent.

The logfiles are being deleted regularly but not yet automatically.

4. comments and trackbacks

This site is offering you possibilities to interact. However this makes it necessary to save some personal or person related information.

  • If you send a comment I consider this as the allowance to save the following data: your name or pseudonym, your website (if given), your email address, the comment you gave. Your email address will never be published. If you want to be an the safe site feel free to give a random (ie wrong) address. Your IP address will also be recorded but deleted regularly. This is necessary to block spammers effectively.
  • If you send a trackback this site will save and publish the link to your page maybe including a short citation.

5. web analysis aka tracking

I’m using a tracking service to find out who my visitors are and what they consider to be important. To be in control of the data collected I’m using a self hosted installation of piwik. For tracking I only used anonymized IP adresses. Raw data is being deleted regularly. There is no possibility to conclude to an individual user from the collected data.

If you do not want to be tracked you have to possibilities to oupt out:

  • Set the do not track header in your browser.
  • Set a do not track cookie by unchecking the checkbox below

6. social websites

Currently I’m not using any connection to any social networks. If at any time a connection to a social website will be used this will not transfer any data to the social website without your explicit agreement.

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