Adjust a picture’s create date using exiftool

Another important command I tend to forget. Sometimes I forget to set my camera clock correctly before a shooting. That’s bad especially when I’m using two cameras with different date/time settings. Then all my images appear mixed up as I normally sort by time. On linux however it’s easy to fix using exiftool:

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal+=5:10:2 10:48:0" FILE

will correct the create date of the image FILE by adding 5 years, 10 months, 2 days 10 hours and 48 minutes. Continue reading “Adjust a picture’s create date using exiftool”

Bug in release 0.7.6 on wordpress multisite

There is a serious problem with the current release 0.7.6 of RecipePress reloaded when used on multisite installs. Well actually it’s a bug in a framework I use. Since release 0.7.6 RecipePress reloaded uses TGM Plugin Activation to pull in required modules such as the Redux Framework used to render the settings page. Generally this is good idea as it gives us a slim recipe plugin and we can use the wordpress updater to keep Redux up to date without worries.
However TGM Plugin Activation is suffering from a bug preventing dependecies to be installed on multisite installs. The result is RecipePress without settings page and without access to saved options. You will probably recognize this as recipes won’t render properly. Instead you will read a message saying: “There was an error parsing the layout file. No content can be displayed”.
The problem is easy to solve: Install the Redux Framework Plugin manually.

Installing arch linux on my ThinkPad

After having worked almost 2 years with fedora, I decided to switch to arch linux. In this post I’ve written down the steps I took to install arch linux on my ThinkPad W510.
I’ve just been too annoyed by almost reinstalling the system at least once a year with every release. And there have been kernel panics and gnome shell hangs coming and going and I couldn’t really find out why. I didn’t want to spend much time on that either. I don’t want to say fedora is bad, I just have the feeling that arch linux is better for me. So after trying it in a virtual box I’m going to give it a try on my laptop. This writeup is not intented to be a arch linux install tutorial’ (there are many) or replace the wunderful arch linux wiki. It’s just a note for me what I did but I hope it might me helpful for somebody else as well.
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Advanced spam filtering – spamassassin myql user preferences

I’ve recently changed the config of my spamassassin and just now noticed that the SPAM folder in my inbox is empty. So what has happened? When changing the config of spamassassin from file to database I only did the half thing. So spamassassin/amavis got stuck with a mixed config and did the default thing: delete spam immediatly. Although I don’t have missed a mail (at least I don’t know of any mail I missed) I prefer having spam mails put in the spam box over deleting them.
So here is the whole thing which I found at
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Release 0.7.4

I’ve just released version 0.7.4 of RecipePress reloaded on


  • Added an option to hide recipes from the startpage
  • Fixed a bug. The way I used to inject recipes on category archives and the homepage could lead to interference with other plugins using custom post types removing these post types from their own archive page. This problem is now solved.

As always: Please report all bugs at the support forum.

UPDATE 27.12.2014 11:30

There was a bug in the newly introduced feature of hiding recipes from the startpage. This was fixed today in