LDAP schema change on existing server

Adding a new LDAP schema can already be tricky. Changing a LDAP schema on an existing server ressembles an operation at the living heart – especially if you’re using the new config backend at cn=config. I’ll describe how I’ve interchanged the nis schema for the rfc2307bis schema.

Since quite a long time I’ve been using openLDAP to store all my user accounts for mailserver, owncloud, seafile, … I not only store user accounts in the LDAP but also user groups, preferably as GroupOfNames objects. With my recent decision to drop owncloud for seafile and davical I’ve come to a problem. All my user groups are GroupOfNames, davical however can only work with the alternative posixGroups. Of course I could add another (posix)Group for groups I want to share dates and contacts with. But as those groups are the same I want to share files with I don’t like to do the work in double and want to use the existing GroupOfNames. With the nis schema active a group can either be a GroupOfNames or a posixGroup. By changing the nis schema for the rfc2307bis schema posixGroups will no longer be structural. So with that active a group can be both, a GroupOfNames AND a posix group. Problem solved.
However this migration won’t be easy.
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Installing arch linux on my new desktop machine

After using arch linux for quite a time on my laptop it’s time to move on a new machine. So I’ll install arch again this time taking I slightly different approach than on the laptop. So here I’ll descripe all the steps I’ve taken to get arch up and running. It’s more a documentation for myself but it might also be helpful to some.

A short info on the machine first: It’s a AMD A10 7870K with 16GB RAM, 2 SSDs (30GB and 500GB) and 4 TB HDD.

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Setup a davical server on debian

For quite a long time I’ve been using owncloud to sync my calendars, contacts and files between different devices. However I never found it really satisfying. To me owncloud almway made the impression to be feature ladden but not really finished. An impression that got deepend by the last major updates. Features (or modules) got disabled by the update procedure and needed to be reenabled (and often reconfigured) manually. So after each updated I needed to reconfigure the syncing of my calendars, addresses, …. Not a good experience. So I’ve looked out for an alternative. To sync files I’m using a self-hosted install of seafile by now. For calendars and contacts I will give DAViCal a try. DAViCal is a CalDav/CardDAV server only made to manage your contacts and calendars – nothing else.
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Installing IPfire on a Alix APUC1

For my growing network I was in need of a better router than the Fritz!Box 7390 provided by my ISP. I decided to build my own router that should support:

  • separate networks for private computers, public available servers and wireless
  • a proper VPN implementation
  • a proper, configurable firewall
  • regular updates
  • as low as possible power consumption

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RPR Release 0.7.8

I’ve just released version 0.7.8 of RecipePress reloaded on wordpress.org.


  • Recipes now also appear in your main RSS feed
  • Improved taxonomy management. You can now decide if a taxonomy should be category like (hierarchical) or term like.
  • Improved recipe index, now dealing well with special characters
  • Several fixes for small yet annoying bugs.

As always: Please report all bugs at the support forum.